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Customer Reviews 

Stefania Wheeler 

We are so happy that we found Circle L Butcher Barn. Our first time with them was trying their New York Strip Steaks, and we haven't gone back to the grocery store for beef. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Circle L knowing that the beef we consume is the highest quality.

North Curve Cattle

The Butcher Barn has helped our family business do so much! The employees know exactly what we want and need! Such wonderful people who are amazing to work with! 

Tyler Seaton

I highly encourage my friends to give Circle L Butcher Barn a try. The quality of cut and meat that they offer is beyond exceptional.The things we feed our family is important. We feel confident knowing the product we get from Circle L does not have all the additives, hormones, or other potentially harmful chemicals. Plus, we love to shop local, taking care of other local families and businesses while keeping our money local.You wont find a better product or better service

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